Careful Bean Selection

Our coffees come from Columbia and Brazil, as well as growing regions in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico. We have chosen coffees from these regions because they are known for their sweetness and balance between citric acidity and rich, creamy body. We also offer a heavier-bodied Sumatran Mandheling coffee grown on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra. The sweet, medium-bodied Central and South American coffees along with the hearty, rich Sumatran provide a variety of flavor profiles to choose from. 


We custom roast our coffee beans from each region to highlight their unique flavor characteristics while achieving the optimal balance between acidity and body, and between sweet and bittersweet notes. Through extensive experimentation and tasting, we have identified the precise roasting specifications to bring out the best of each coffee's natural flavors.  

We have found that the optimal flavor profiles for each of our coffees can be achieved with a medium (“City”) or a medium dark (“Full City”) roast. We also customize a “French” roast of our Nicaraguan bean for those who enjoy the robust, bitter, smoky flavors of a dark roast.  

We encourage people to taste and compare our fresh-roasted flavors and blends. People accustomed to one roast may be surprised and delighted when they experience the flavor profiles of alternative roasts.


Our Coffee Roasts

Medium (City) roasts produce beans that are medium brown in color, and typically do not have a shiny, oily surface. In the cup, a medium roast typically showcases the individual flavor characteristics of the coffee with a pronounced acidity that seems well balanced between fruity and tart. The body of a medium roast is still developing but becoming rich with a smooth finish.


Medium dark (Full City) roasts yield beans that have a richer, darker brown color with a shiny oily surface. A medium-dark roast has a heartier body compared to a medium roast. The flavors created by the roast are beginning to overtake the acidity inherent in the bean, allowing the predominant flavors to shift from sweet and “snappy” to rich bittersweet. 


Dark (French) roasted beans are very dark brown and even almost black with a very shiny oily surface. Having spent the most time roasting, dark roasts contain substantially less caffeine than the medium or medium dark roasts. The flavor of a dark roast is dominated by a full, hearty body with bittersweet caramel or "carbon" notes. The coffee will generally have the bitter and smoky taste characteristic of a French roast. 


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