• Triple Dog Dare Espresso

    This complex three-bean blend is for those who want a strong, assertive cup of joe that packs a strong wallop of “wake me up.” Dark, oily Brazilian beans form a traditional, rich flavor base with lots of crema, while the Sumatran Mandheling adds a deep smokiness that cuts through the milk in your latte. Medium roasted Guatemalan beans round out this shot adding some brighter, sweeter notes. We’re real excited about this new blend and invite you to give it a try. Go on, I triple dog dare ya’.


    Grind this espresso a little finer than you usually would, and pull it slightly long to really bring out the all the flavor nuances.


    • 1/3 Brazilian DaTerra dark roast (Level 6B)
    • 1/3 Sumatran Mandheling medium dark roast (Level 8C)
    • 1/3 Guatemalan Las Piedras medium light roast (Level 6C)
      Whole Bean or Ground

      Alberto Alvarez,

      Las Quebradas, Nicaragua​

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