Sumatran Mandheling | Medium Dark Roast
  • Sumatran Mandheling | Medium Dark Roast

    For those who enjoy a bold, heavier-bodied coffee Sumatran Mandheling is considered to be one of the finest beans available. Grown on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra, Mandheling is known for its smooth hearty body and very low acidity. Sumatran Mandheling develops its unique rustic flavor from a combination of rich volcanic soil, tropical climate, relatively low altitude, and the farmers’ wet-hull method of processing the coffee cherries.


    We roast Sumatran Mandheling medium dark (“Full City”)to appeal to those used to a dark roast while still retaining most of the nuanced spice flavors that get muted in the roasting process. The roasted beans have a very pleasant, herbal aroma that reminds us of toasted almonds. A cup of this brew has a robust, earthy, full-bodied flavor with prominent notes of spice and dark chocolate, and a dry, smooth finish.


    Our Sumatran Mandheling is extremely versatile; you can enjoy it as a drip coffee or as a shot of espresso. We personally enjoy it most brewed in a French Press or an Aeropress.

      Whole Bean or Ground

      Alberto Alvarez,

      Las Quebradas, Nicaragua​

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