Nicaraguan Café Diego Chavarria | Dark (French) Roast
  • Nicaraguan Café Diego Chavarria | Dark (French) Roast

    Nicaragua Café Diego is a direct trade organic coffee grown at high altitudes around 3,000 feet on the family-owned Café Diego Chavarria coffee farm in the Matagalpa, Nicaragua highlands. The 300-acre farm is nestled under an old shade rainforest canopy. Diego Chavarria is the owner and employs 100 workers, producing 40,000 pounds of green coffee per year. Diego’s family plantation was created by his great-great-grandfather and has been passed down through the generations. During the time of the Coffee Crisis in the early 2000's Diego lost his farm because of the debt created by the decreasing earnings year to year. After nearly a decade of struggle, he was able to buy back his farm. Deigo’s story is chronicled in a video you can find at this website:


    We really enjoy this Nicaraguan bean as a dark “French” roast, which produces beans that are very dark brown and oily. The beans have an herbal aroma that reminds us of toasted almonds. A cup of this dark brew has a robust, earthy, full-bodied flavor with a distinct note of dark baker’s chocolate and a dry, smooth finish. Our French roasted Nicaragua Café Diego is versatile. You can enjoy it as a drip coffee or as a shot of espresso.

      Whole Bean or Ground

      Alberto Alvarez,

      Las Quebradas, Nicaragua​

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