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Guatemalan Red Honey Pacamara – Medium Dark Roast

Guatemalan coffee is respected as some of the most delicious and highest-quality coffee in the world. Unique, high-altitude growing conditions infuse these beans with sweet, balanced fruit flavors. Our Guatemalan coffee is special even among Guatemalan varieties. It is harvested in “microlots” from a hybrid coffee tree called “Pacamara.” Pacamara is a unique variety of bean celebrated for its complex acidity and gigantic beans. 


Our Pacamara beans are dried and processed using the “Red Honey Method.” Rather than processing the beans after the fruit flesh has been completely removed (the conventional wet or “washed” process), the beans are dried with the sticky-sweet, golden layer of fruit called “honey” still on the beans, which causes the sugars and fruitiness to really soak in. Then the beans are dried in parijuelas (raised beds) and continually turned with all or nearly all of the fruit pulp (honey) sticking to the beans. After several days of drying on the parijuelas, the coffee finishes drying on clay patios.  


At a medium roast, our Red Honey Pacamara our lightest coffee. It’s a “flavor power house”: Brightly floral and citrus-fruity flavors to start, followed by honey-like sweetness with a clean, medium slightly buttery body, finishing with a nutty, chocolate aftertaste that lingers pleasantly on the palate. Try drinking this one black, even if you generally sweeten or lighten your coffee.


We like this roast brewed using a French press, Aeropress, or pour over. An automatic drip is nice for those who like this a slightly mellower cup.  

    Whole Bean or Ground

    Alberto Alvarez,

    Las Quebradas, Nicaragua​