Costa Rican Tarrazu | Medium Dark Roast
  • Costa Rican Tarrazu | Medium Dark Roast

    This Costa Rican coffee is found in the Tarrazu growing region, celebrated for having the best volcanic soils and highest altitudes. Because the trees grow at high altitudes and on volcanic soil, the coffee cherries ripen very slowly which gives this coffee a bright and clean taste with a hearty body.


    We like this Costa-Rican best on the darker side of medium. This brings out the pleasant hearty body of the coffee with emerging bittersweet flavors, while highlighting its crisp acidity that’s a bit subtler than the Columbian Supremo.The flavors stand up well to added milk and sweetener.


    This coffee is excellent for your “daily cup.” We recommend brewing it using a drip coffee maker, French press or Aeropress. The French press and Aeropress produce a somewhat brighter, sharper cup with more pronounced citrus nuances. A drip brew mutes those qualities for a slightly smoother cup.


    The brightness, or acidity, may be a bit overwhelming when this coffee is prepared as a single-origin espresso.

      Whole Bean or Ground

      Alberto Alvarez,

      Las Quebradas, Nicaragua​

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